Iftekhar A. Khan Last decade of wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, besides causing death and destruction, has tarnished the image of the American and British media. Although the media in the aftermath of 9/11 succeeded in raising the hype and shaping its public opinion in support of launching the wars, but when the anger subsided and people began to look at the events objectively, they realised that what they read in newspapers and watched on TV lacked substance and veracity. Media support of official theory of WMDs in Iraq was a classic manifestation of its deceitful performance. As a result, people have begun to rely more on the news provided by the Internet forums than relying on news provided by leading US newspapers. By one account, more than fifty percent among aware citizens in the US regularly surf the Internet, preferring it to reading newspapers or watching Fox News. So far, foreign newspapers and magazines' readers, particularly in Pakistan thought that what they read was well researched and true but not any more. For instance, Time and its competitor Newsweek have lost credibility. Even traditional BBC listeners who for years had depended on it for unbiased news and commentaries in their local language have lost interest since Tony Blair fired its Director General on the outset of war in Iraq for hesitating to support his fictitious Iraq Dossier. Incensed, Obama administration lately intended partly blocking the Internet through legislation at the time of emergency lest the people learned the truth by surfing it. Motive: keep dark face of the empire hidden. European print media is considered relatively impartial compared with the mainstream US media. Most of the newspapers in UK supported the war when British troops moved in Iraq despite few like the Independent having somewhat dithered in the beginning. Imagine, all newspaper editors knew that Blair had contrived the Dossier yet they supported him, making themselves a party to his theatrics. By supporting war, they are therefore complicit of crimes against Iraqi people where more than 1.3 million, including women and children have lost their lives. Thanks to Blair's fib and culpable connivance by the media. However, the bad news is that nothing has changed. Anglo-American media continues to justify unjustifiable wars in the Muslim countries. Consider Pentagon's decision to appoint Gen McChrystal to head US-led NATO alliance in Afghanistan and main US newspapers supporting it despite his ghoulish performance during five years stint in Iraq. He headed Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), which controls overseas operations by Army Delta Force and the Navy Seals, from 2003-2008. During the period, he endeared himself to Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. Investigative journalist, Seymour Hersh, has termed JSOC as 'executive assassination wing' controlled for many years by Cheney. Since McChrystal commanded the JSOC, by default he must carry the blame for extraterrestrial killings. Yet, leading US newspapers have commended Pentagon for its choice of the new commander. Quoting unnamed defence officials New York Times wrote: "His success in using intelligence and firepower to track and kill insurgents, and his training in unconventional warfare that emphasises the need to protect the population, made him the best choice for command in Afghanistan." Wall Street projected him as a commander who could fight complex counterinsurgency warfare. And not staying behind the two, Washington Post reiterated Pentagon's stance that McChrystal's selection marked "continued ascendancy tactics of officers who have pressed for the use of counterinsurgency tactics in Iraq and Afghanistan that are markedly different from Army's traditional doctrine." Let us see if McChrystal captures Osma bin Laden which is now a joke gone too far. Hoping it's untrue but the way things look on the ground, military operations in Swat and FATA will likely escalate and troops' involvement will prolong. Quick sweep to flush out terrorists and extremists will remain illusive because it is intended so by those who dictate our policies. At a time like this, one would like to know where is our dear leader, Gen Musharraf, the enlightened moderate who pushed us into the quagmire. Understandably, he is busy cooling his heels in cooler climes leaving us at the mercy of scorching sun. Perhaps, The London Times or the BBC could throw light on it. E-mail: pinecity@gmail.com