I think there is hardly any notorious prison left in the world where a Pakistani national has not served a term. Therefore, the detention of three Pakistani students in the notorious Belmarsh Jail of London should not be a surprise. It didn't catch anyone here by surprise when 90, 000 of our prisoners were humiliated and dehumanized in Indian jails after 1971. Our hearts didn't miss a beat either when Bagaram prison echoed with the cries of a certain prisoner numbered as 650. We also didn't mind at all when our brothers were packed off to Guantanamo Bay. Our conscience didn't pinch us once when Afia Siddiqui was tortured and dishonoured in American jails. Why should we be bothered if Aamir Cheema was tortured and killed in a German jail for professing his religious beliefs, which should have been as sacred to the world as fables of holocaust? What is the need of grieving on the ordeal Sepoy Maqool Hussain went through in an Indian jail? Pakistani migrants are apprehended in different western countries in their attempt to enter European countries as a matter of routine. And we definitely should not be shocked that British Home Office has started to intimidate Pakistani students as per policy. That is why three of them have been shifted to London's notorious high security Belmarsh prison from Manchester. -NOOR AAMIR, Islamabad, via e-mail, May 20.