PESHAWAR - The affected people being settled in various schools and houses of Jhangir Abad warned to commit self-immolation if they were not provided foodstuff and other relief goods. Addressing a press conference here at Mardan, the representatives of the internally displaced persons of Swat, Buner and Dir complained that they were passing miserable life in these schools and camps and so far they had not been provided any material assistance. They said that hundreds of trucks laden with relief goods were passing through that area but no single item had been provided to them. Addressing on the occasion one of the affected persons Bashir Ahmad of Mingora said that so far the government had not provided any relief package for them and all the daily use items had been provided to them by the brave people of Mardan who shared their own food with them while their public representatives had not visited them for a single day. They said that despite contacting several Non- Governmental Organizations still no official had given attention to them. They warned to commit self-immolation if the government did not pay due attention to them.