ISLAMABAD - The inflation measured through Sensitive Price Indicator (SPI) surged by 10.25pc during the week ended on Friday in comparison to the same period of last fiscal year, said the Federal Bureau of Statistics on Saturday. The figures showed that inflation for the combined income group (average of all income group) went up 10.25pc over the corresponding week of last year while a slight increase of 0.05pc was recorded on weekly basis. The prices of 15 essential commodities increased during the week and 15 declined whereas 23 remained unchanged. The SPI bulletin, based on data of 53 items, was collected from 17 urban centres. Despite tall claims of the government to reduce the inflation, it is increasing. High inflation is mercilessly pushing the masses below the poverty line, eating up their purchasing power and leaving them with little money to buy essential food items and fulfil their basic necessities. The SPI inflation was recorded 10.13pc for low-income group of Rs 3000 income group during the week, followed by 10.61pc for group falling in Rs 3001 to Rs 5000 income group, and 12.20pc for Rs 5001 to Rs 12000 income group. The inflation for high-income group (Above Rs 12000) has soared by 10.79pc over the same period of last fiscal year while it declined by 0.08pc on weekly basis. The following goods prices increased both on a yearly and weekly basis. On a yearly basis, the goods witnessing increase in prices include; potatoes 5.05pc, gur 82.62pc, curd 18.14pc, milk fresh 19.01pc, mash pulse washed 16.55pc, sugar 49.03pc, beef 18.85pc, masoor pulse washed 5.23pc, and mutton 13.50. However, the prices of the following commodities declined on a weekly basis but increased on a yearly basis; egg 0.22pc, tomatoes 49.77pc, onion 35.78pc, diesel 12.10pc, LPG (11 kg cylinder) 8.44pc, kerosene 25.44pc, electric bulb 33.61pc, wheat average quality 18.83pc, wheat flour 16.35pc, firewood 15.87pc and chicken 22.04pcpc.