ISLAMABAD - Women residents of a razed Kutchi Abadi in Ckak Shahzad have demanded of the government to take notice of their humiliation at the hands of the CDA authorities and bring the perpetrators to justice. Nearly 3,500 families living in an illegal 'kutchi abadi' in Chak Shahzad for the last two years have been displaced. Capital Development Authority (CDA) and Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) authorities demolished their residences on May 18 without giving them any notice. These families have not been accommodated anywhere as yet. "Without giving any prior notice when people were sleeping they (CDA and other authorities) used teargas and even resorted to baton charge. They misbehaved with women and used abusive language," said a woman while showing scars of baton charge on her body. According to these residents hundreds of personnel entered the huts and started assaulting the residents sparing none. Men, women, children and even pregnant women were not spared. While assaulting the people, the officers were shouting at them to vacate the place as soon as possible, they said. "We are on the roads and living without the very basic necessities of life, such as water, food, shelter and sanitation. There are nearly five women who are pregnant but there is no one to care for them and no maternal facility for them" said a girl Nazia. "Even the workers of CDA didn't care for pregnant mothers and assaulted a woman who was in the advanced stage of her pregnancy, later, we shifted her to the hospital" Hameed Ghori, President of Bradari Foundation, said they had lost every thing-as all their belongings have been bulldozed by the authorities. Philanthropist of G-7/2 and G-6 have been providing food to almost 300 families who have taken refuge in the Green Belt, G-7/2 . They lamented that neither any official from CDA nor any MNA from minorities had visited them. And so far, no one has bothered about the miserable living conditions of those slum dwellers. Demanding the restoration of the basic necessities of life that have been taken away from them they appealed to President and Prime Minister to take notice of their situation and requested for the provision of alternative accommodation for the residents of demolished kutchi abadi.