ISLAMABAD (APP)-National Assembly Standing Committee on Culture expressed dissatisfaction over the insufficient efforts made by the Ministry of Culture to preserve National Heritages as it has been observed that most of the Historical Buildings are in dilapidated condition and directed the Ministry to ensure their proper maintenance to preserve them. The Committee also expressed concern over the promotion of sub-standard Pakistani films and directed that Pakistan Censor Board may take stringent measures to improve standard to compete internationally and also take effective measures for the welfare of artists as most of them are in miserable condition for having fewer opportunities to perform. It strongly recommended that revenue generated through Monuments and National Heritage etc. may be given to the M/o Culture so that the earned money could be utilized for their maintenance as the Ministry could not maintain them properly due to financial constraints. Earlier Moin ul Islam Bokhari, secretary M/o Culture briefly apprised the Committee about the performance of the Ministry and its attached departments and achievements made during the recent years to preserve National Heritage and Financial Assistance provided to artists and their families. He sought intervention of the Committee for enhancement of budget as the Ministry could not meet the targets set by the Government within the prescribed budget. The meeting was attended by MNAs: Dr Abdul Wahid Soomro, Nauman Islam Sheikh, Ramesh Lal, Amir Yar Warn, Fauzia Habib, Sabeen Rizvi, Faiz Muhammad Khan, Shireen Arahsd Khan, Dr. Naheed Shahid Aliand and Mr Pervez Khan.