LAHORE - The closure of Shaarey Fatima Jinnah following the suicide attack at the Lahore Police Headquarters has made the life of commuters and road-users miserable. The traffic wardens and the policemen deployed at the pickets barricading the roads from all sides also misbehave with the people, especially those who want to enter the no-go area being its residents or for the pursuit of their livelihood. The security personnel do not let the people enter this road despite producing identities. The traffic wardens and the policemen deployed here have turned harsh towards the motorists and the commuters and misbehaved with several innocent citizens when they requested them to reach their destinations. The incidents of thrashing and manhandling the citizens are taking place daily, which seems as the police were taking 'revenge from the innocent people in order to cover their negligence. A car technician Amjad Ali was badly thrashed by the policemen and the traffic wardens on Saturday at the barricade near the Punjab Assembly when he tried to go to his workshop situated on Lawrence Road. Amjad told the policemen that he could not go to his workshop due to closure of the Shara-e-Fatmia Jinnah and the adjoining roads. He requested them let him go but the policemen refused suggesting him to go back home for at least one week. When Amjad protested against the polices attitude, the policemen and traffic wardens trashed him in the presence of scores of other people. The policemen also threatened the other motorists and commuters saying that they would also be treated in the same fashion if they tried to cross the barricades. Similarly, the commuters are facing serious troubles due to blockage of roads leading to the IGP office. A large number of commuters and motorists besides locals residing in the colonies situated near the blast site held strong protest demonstration against the City police and traffic police for closing the roads in the name of 'security. They have appealed to the chief minister to take serious notice of the polices highhandedness. When contacted, the chief traffic officer said that he had issued instructions to the traffic police to allow only those people to reach their destinations who are living or running business near the blast site. The entry on the banned roads should be allowed after identification only, he told the wardens.