I was utterly shocked to see Saad Rafique on a television program the other day literally weeping for the terrorists who had slit the throats of our brave soldiers, deprived our people of their lifelong earnings, kidnapped foreigners for ransom, publicly flogged women, desecrated religious shrines and sent suicide bombers to blow themselves up in our bazaars. Saad Rafique should have also wept for those soldiers who were slaughtered by these inhuman creatures; he should have wept for those brave soldiers also who were slaughtered by these creatures of evil or those whose lifelong earnings were looted by them. He should have wept for the victims of suicide bombings and their heirs who were made to live lives as living hell. Saad Rafique owes an apology to this nation and if he cannot contribute constructively he should at least stop crying in public for terrorists and anti-state elements. -KHUBAIB USMANI, Islamabad, via e-mail May 20.