Troops killed 12 Taliban linked to a battle with US troops earlier this month that caused scores of civilian casualties, officials said Sunday. Afghan and US forces raided late Saturday a group of militants said to have gathered to plan an attack in Afghanistan's southwestern province of Farah, the deputy provincial governor said. "Afghan soldiers and US Special Forces surrounded them to arrest them. Taliban fought back but all of the 12, including their commander, were killed," deputy governor Mohammad Younus Rasoli told a foreign news agency. The raid was in the district of Khaki Safed which adjoins Bala Buluk, where heavy fighting between insurgents and troops in early May led the soldiers to call in air strikes that killed villagers. The Afghan government said 140 civilians, many of them children, were killed in the US air strikes. The US military acknowledges 20-30 may have died in the fighting along with 60-65 Taliban.