LONDON - Lord Nazir Ahmed, member Britains House of Lords, has termed the rightwing militant fascist organisation known as 'English Defence League (EDL) a threat to the Muslim community in the United Kingdom and asked the 10-Downing Street to take serious notice of the matter. In an exclusive chat with The Nation, he said a special report published in 'The Guardian and a taped conversation had indicated that serving as well as retired British servicemen were its members, which was a matter of grave concern. According to him, after a humiliating defeat in the recent elections, British National Party and other fascist outfits can resort to violent action against Muslims out of sheer frustration, adding that report has also suggested that they are making preparation to target the Muslim Parliament members. He said he would meet Home Minister Baroness Neville-Jones on June 2 during to ask about the steps taken against the EDL. Lord Nazir maintained that the British govt had always been clamouring over the Muslim extremism and had even spent 100 million pounds sterling on the issue. He appealed to the Muslim youth not to react to the EDL trap in a violent manner and let the security forces and the police to fulfil their responsibilities. Meanwhile, Association of Pakistani Lawyers (APL) Chairman Barrister Amjad Malik has urged Prime Minister David Cameron to ban the EDL, saying it posed a threat to public order and had sinister aims. In a statement, he said, If British society rightly responded, there would be no place for Al-Muhajeron; the English Defence League should also be proscribed before its too late as it threatens the very fabric of British society which is built on the principles of 'tolerance and 'live and let live. Malik said the EDL plan to target some of the UKs most prominent Muslim communities, including one in Bradford, to provoke Muslim youth to take law in their own hands as they were already disillusioned by the past 10 years negative campaign and governmental actions against them. He said: The EDL has only one agenda and that is to stir public hatred and community tensions so that riots erupt, creating a worst law and order situation having far reaching consequences for future stability in the society. It is pertinent to recall that 'The Guardian has revealed EDLs plans to hit racially sensitive areas in an attempt to provoke disorder in the coming months.