ISLAMABAD The tragic Lahore terror incidents have forced the military leadership to plan a major offensive against the terrorists networks operating from North Waziristan Agency, sources said on Sunday. Well-placed military sources informed TheNation that the Army had decided to track down the terrorists in North Waziristan as soon as possible. However, Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani will decide about the timing of the operation. It is not an easy operation, therefore, the Army needs to plan it by considering all the aspects, a senior security official said requesting anonymity. He made it clear that Pakistan Army would not launch the offensive in North Waziristan unless and until it consolidated its position in the recovered areas of South Waziristan, Bajaur and Malakand region. However, other knowledgeable sources were of the view that the Army would not launch formal operation in North Waziristan until Pakistan got first batch of four F-16 aircraft from the United States. These warplanes would play a vital role, as they are equipped with night-time operational equipment and also capable of precision strikes, a source said. The sources were of the view that the security forces of Pakistan had already surrounded North Waziristan Agency but they would launch land operation after the top military leadership took a decision in this regard. According to the informed sources, situation in North Waziristan had turned critical after many fighters hailing from the disbanded TTP and its affiliates had shifted there from South Waziristan and other parts of FATA. Rejecting the impression that some foreign powers were pressurising Pakistan to launch military offensive in North Waziristan, the military sources said that Pakistan was a sovereign state and it did not take dictation from outside Pakistan. The sources said that the military leadership of Pakistan would decide on its own about timing of the offensive against terror networks in North Waziristan. They were of the view that any offensive to be carried out in North Waziristan would be an indigenous effort to curb terrorism. The sources said that the Army needed to consider many factors including resources and its timing to plan a military offensive for a place like North Waziristan.