A senior Iranian diplomat on Sunday voiced Tehrans preparedness to export natural gas and electricity to the neighbouring Pakistan as soon as Islamabad expresses preparedness. We are ready to supply it (natural gas) whenever Pakistan is ready to receive it, Irans Ambassador to Pakistan Mashallah Shakeri said in an interview with Fars News Agency (FNA). Given Pakistans acute need to durable, new and clean energy resources we hope to witness exports of gas to the country within the next four or five years, Shakeri said, adding that Iran has continued construction of the pipeline on its soil and already stretched the line to an area 250 km from the Iran-Pakistan border. The comment by the Iranian envoy came after Pakistan and Iran on Friday signed a 'sovereign guarantee agreement paving the way for the completion of a 7.5-billion-dollar gas pipeline project within the next four years. Regarding supply of electricity to Pakistan, the Iranian envoy said: We still believe that Iran is the best country for export of electricity to Pakistan, and we will start supplying electricity to the country whenever Pakistan prepares the needed infrastructures and voices readiness for starting imports.