At least 10 foreign activists were killed early Monday, the Israeli military confirmed, after the navy stormed a flotilla of six ships bound for the Gaza Strip with aid. Dozens were injured, the military said. Four Israeli soldiers were also injured, one of them seriously with stab wounds to the stomach, reported DPA. Other unconfirmed reports said 15 were killed, their nationalists yet unknown. Some 50 people are reported injured. The flotilla of boats, containing 10,000 tonnes of aid had been warned before setting sail for Gaza that it would be denied entry. Israel Defence Forces (IDF) Spokesman Avi Benayahu charged the Israeli naval commandos ran into violent, "almost unprecedented" resistance when they boarded the ships, with activists using knives, sticks and iron rods against them. Activists tried to grab the weapon of one of the commandos and "apparently" even opened fire at the Israelis, he said. He said the soldiers felt their lives were in "tangible" danger and were forced to use live ammunition and riot dispersal means. "We didn't find peace activists, but very violent people," he charged, calling their resistance against the Israeli commandos an "almost lynch". "I also want to express sorrow. We wanted to end this event with no injuries," he said. "Really we made every effort". Greta Berlin, a spokeswoman for the Free Gaza Movement, however charged she witnessed footage from the Turkish ship which she said had more than two dozen cameras on board and saw the soldiers opening fire on civilians when they landed on board from their helicopter. "The minute they had their feed on the deck, they started to shoot," she charged. The Israeli commandos were reportedly still combing the largest of the vessels, the Turkish Marmara with had carried most of the passengers, some 500. The wounded were being sent to hospitals in Israel. In Turkey, angry protesters surrounded the Israeli consulate in Istanbul. The Israeli commandos descended from helicopters shortly before dawn after the ships had been intercepted and followed by Israeli naval vessels around midnight. Passengers of the "Freedom Flotilla" immediately put on life jackets and were on high alert, according to the international group. A reporter from Al-Jazeera television on board said they decided to continue their efforts to reach the Gaza coast but changed course to gain time and try to reach the enclave during the day. The flotilla, carrying 700 activists and 10,000 tons of humanitarian aid, set off from Cyprus Sunday afternoon on the last leg of what organisers hoped would be a successful attempt to break Israel's siege of the Gaza Strip. Israel placed the Gaza Strip under siege in 2006 after militants based in the enclave launched a cross-border raid on an Israeli army outpost and snatched an Israeli soldier, who is still being held somewhere in the salient. The blockade was tightened further in June 2007 when gunmen from the Islamist Hamas movement routed security officers loyal to the Palestinian Authority and President Mahmoud Abbas and seized control of the Strip. Since then, Israel has kept tight control over the border crossings, supervising the aid allowed to enter the Gaza Strip and at times stopping it temporarily when militants launch rockets at Israeli communities adjacent to the enclave. World in shock at Israels deadly Gaza ship raid Pakistan condemns use of force against peace Flotilla Pakistan has strongly condemned the use of brazen force by Israel against a humanitarian Mission that was embarked on delivering humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people in Gaza. At least 10 foreign activists were killed early Monday, the Israeli military confirmed, after the navy stormed a flotilla of six ships bound for the Gaza Strip with aid. "The killing of members of this humanitarian mission, which also included women, is brutal, inhuman and constitutes a flagrant violation of international law and norms", Foreign office spokesman said. The Government of Pakistan is seriously concerned over the well-being and whereabouts of the Pakistani citizens and media personnel including Syed Talat Hussain and Raza Mahmood Agha who were on board the Flotilla bound for Gaza, he said. "The Foreign Ministry is in constant touch with its Missions in the region to ascertain the well-being of our nationals", he said. Bahrain strongly condemns "barbaric" Israeli attack on Gaza aid flotilla Bahrain strongly condemned on Monday an attack by Israeli forces on an international Gaza aid flotilla that has killed up to 16 people, labeling it "a barbaric attack." "The use of force by the Israeli army against civilians, including women, children and elderly people, who came from several countries to transport humanitarian aid to the besieged people in Gaza is condemned and unacceptable, and it runs counter to the basic laws and norms that regulate the operations in the international waters," a statement carried by the Bahrain's official BNA news agency reported. Bahrain, in the statement, called on the international community to "shoulder its responsibilities towards such unjustified terrorism," urging a comprehensive investigation into the attack. "Bahrain regrets that such Israeli act would not help the peace process, but rather it would exacerbate the tensions and yield negative impacts on efforts aiming to reach fair, permanent peace in the region," the statement said. Turkey to call UN meeting over Israeli raid on ships: diplomat Turkey will call an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council over Israel's deadly raid on aid ships bound for the Gaza Strip, a Turkish diplomat told AFP Monday. Turkey condemns Israeli storming of Gaza aid ships The Turkish Foreign Ministry condemned on Monday the storming by Israeli commandos of international ships carrying humanitarian aid to the occupied Gaza Strip. "Israel will be punished for the consequences of its actions. What has happened is unacceptable," the Turkish Foreign Ministry said in a statement. "We decisively condemn it [Israel] and demand immediate explanations." The Turkish Foreign Ministry called the attack a "gross violation of international law" and said it could lead to "unpredictable consequences" in relations between Turkey and Israel. EU calls for probe over Gaza ships attack The European Union (EU) foreign policy chief, Cathrine Ashton, on Monday called for a timely enquiry into deadly attacks on Gaza aid ships, which has left more than 10 persons dead, urging Israel to allow the free flow of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip. Ashton, high representative for foreign affairs and security policy, expressed her deep regret at the news of loss of life and violence and extends her sympathies to families of the dead and wounded, said a spokesperson for the EU's foreign policy chief. Ashton demanded a full enquiry about the circumstances under which the ships were seized by Israel's navy on Monday, according to the spokesperson. Palestinian embassy strongly condemns Israel's attack Palestinian embassy in Ankara on Monday strongly condemned Israel's intervention on aid ships carrying relief to Gaza. The Palestinian embassy said in a statement, "we condemn the barbarous attack by Israel on the aid ships." "The attack is an organized state terrorism against civilians coming all around the world to help oppressed people living under besiege for more than four years. This is a barbarous attack against our people living in Gaza, human rights, and NGOs which defend international laws and organized this convoy," said the embassy. The embassy condemned the incidents underlining that Palestine was supporting the NGOs who supported Palestinian people. The embassy statement said perpetrators should be judged and punished in international courts. Spain summons Israeli envoy over aid flotilla attack Spain, which holds the rotating European Union presidency, on Monday summoned the Israeli ambassador to Madrid over Israel's deadly aid on a flotilla of aid ships. "We have have summoned the Israeli ambassador (to Spain) to give us explanations and, of course, we will investigate and will start handling this matter immediately," said Diego Lopez Garrido, secretary of state for EU affairs. Arab League to hold emergency meeting on Israel's attack on aid flotilla The Arab League will hold an emergency meeting here on Tuesday to discuss Israel's deadly attack on a flotilla of aid ships heading for the Gaza Strip, the group's deputy secretary-general, Ahmed bin Helli, said Monday. Indonesia deplores Israeli attack on humanitarian vessel heading to Gaza An Indonesian minister deplored on Monday the Israeli attack against the vessel loaded with humanitarian aid intending to dock in Gaza, Palestine, meanwhile the government is still seeking the fate of 12 Indonesians onboard the attacked vessel. "Why did they shoot at ship carrying humanitarian aids. They are in the mission to preserve the world peace," Agung Laksono, Coordinating Minister for Public Welfare said here. "We will take the correct steps to respond on our citizens onboard that vessel. We are coordinating with other ministries regarding this incident," Agung was quoted by the as saying. Lebanon to request UN Security Council to discuss Gaza aid clash Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri on Monday asked the foreign ministry to request a special session for the UN Security Council in order to discuss the death of peace activists during clashes with Israeli navy troops. The country's state-run National News Agency (NNA) reported that Berri has been following up the situation "in light of Israeli piracy and aggression against freedom flotilla". It added that Berri contacted Foreign Minister Ali Shami and urged him to take the action since Lebanon is the head of UN Security Council to ask the council to convene immediately. Shami asked Lebanon's representative at the United Nations to start consultations to convene an urgent session for Security Council. Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri condemned the Israeli attack to the aid convoy, considering it a dangerous and crazy step that would inflame the struggle in the region. Hariri said that Lebanon strongly condemns this attack and calls on the international community, and specifically the major countries which are supposed to be responsible about the peace process, to take action in order to stop this continuous violation of human rights, which is putting the international peace at risk. He explained that Lebanon will assume its responsibilities in this regard, and is in contact with the concerned states, especially the Turkish leadership and the Arab group to coordinate and mobilize international efforts. Sweden summons Israeli envoy over aid flotilla attack The Israeli ambassador should be called on to the Swedish Foreign Ministry to clarify the aid convoy attack, Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt said on Monday. "We want a clearer picture, so we will call on the Israeli ambassador to the ministry," Bildt, who is now in Italy, told Swedish Radio P1 over the reports that Israeli armed forces have boarded the "Freedom Flottila" ships heading to Gaza, killing at least ten people. "We know that there are Swedes on some of the ships and we want to know what has happened to them. There appears no reason to question media reports that a Turkish vessel has been boarded, that a fire fight occurred and that people have been killed," Bildt said. UN rights chief "shocked" by Israeli attack on aid flotilla United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay said Monday she was "shocked" by the Israeli Navy's attack on a flotilla of aid ships bound for the Gaza Strip. "I am shocked by reports that humanitarian aid was met with violence early this morning reportedly causing death and injury as the boat convoy approached the Gaza coast," Navi Pillay told the UN Human Rights Council. France condemns Israeli attack to humanitarian flotilla in shock The French Foreign Ministry condemned Monday Israel's attack against an international flotilla to Gaza, saying it was shocked to know the news. Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner said in a statement that he was shocked to know the news and couldn't understand Israel's attack in the context that the initiative of the flotilla was known by international community already. "Nothing can justify the use of such a violence that we condemn," Kouchner said. "All light must be shed on the circumstances of this tragedy and we hope that thorough investigation be implemented without delay," the minister added. The minister said the new conflict proved that current situation in Gaza was not stable and called urgent policy response to address the rising strain in that region. Greece summons Israeli ambassador for attack on Gaza aid flotilla Greek Alternate Foreign Minister Dimitris Droutsas summoned Israeli ambassador Ali Yahia on Monday over the Israeli attack of a flotilla carrying aid to besieged Gaza, which resulted in casualties. The Greek Foreign Ministry also activated its Crisis Management Unit, since Greek citizens are among activists who participated in the mission. According to unconfirmed information, a Greek national is among the injured. The Greek embassy in Tel Aviv has contacted the Israeli authorities and requested an official briefing and explanation regarding the operation carried out by the Israeli armed forces. "It is Greece's long-standing position that any activities undertaken by non-governmental organizations must go unhindered, under the obvious condition that the activities are legal," said a statement released by the ministry.