LAHORE (PR) - Major solo art show of prominent Pakistani artist of international repute Jimmy Engineer has been extended at the Revivers Galleria in Gulberg till June 15 on great public demand. Big exhibition of canvass prints of Jimmy Engineers selected art work titled For the eyes only was earlier scheduled to end this evening (May 29) after it was inaugurated by two special minor girls on May 15 evening in presence of large number of art lovers from different walks of life. Solo exhibition with 83 canvass prints including famous Pakistan Movement paintings and recently completed architectural compositions under the banner of Peace and Harmony has been extended by more than a fortnight by artist Jimmy Engineer and owner and curator of the Revivers Galleria Ms Sara Anjum after mutual consultations. Jimmy Engineer and Ms Sara Anjum have said in a joint statement in this regard that the exhibition has been extended on great public demand including large number of art lovers and collectors who wanted to have second or first look in some detail at the art work matching with high international quality. Jimmy Engineer, who is a committed social crusader as well, had announced even before the inauguration of his major exhibition that proceeds from the sale of originally signed canvass prints of his selected large and medium sized paintings would go towards charity. Meanwhile, prominent personalities from different walks of life are visiting the Revivers Galleria almost daily in good numbers, viewing the canvass prints of Jimmy Engineers selected paintings and appreciating his high and rich artistic skills. Editor-in-Chief Nawa-i-Waqt and The Nation, Majid Nizami had visited Jimmy Engineers exhibition few days back and had highly appreciated the prominent artist for projecting and highlighting the struggle, sufferings and sacrifices of the millions of men, women and children for the creation of a separate homeland for the Muslims under the inspiring leadership and statesmanship of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. He had also called for the revival of the Pakistan Movement spirit for pulling Pakistan out of the deep troubled waters. Furthermore, in response to queries from educational institutions in the private sector catering to the education and training of mentally-retarded, physically handicapped, deaf and dumb children, Jimmy Engineer has also announced that any such institution can pick one or two of his on display canvass prints, arrange for their sale themselves and retain major chunk of the proceeds for meeting their hard pressed financial requirements. In this connection, the special education and training institutions managements can contact Jimmy Engineer or Ms Sara Anjum by visiting the Revivers Galleria as this is an open offer with no strings attached, whatsoever, the announcement added.