LAHORE - Gilgit-Baltistan Chief Minister Mehdi Shah has said that the medical teams sent by Punjab government have provided medical assistance to the people in almost inaccessible areas. He was talking to Punjab Minister for Industries and Prisons Ch Abdul Ghafoor, who met him in Gilgit here on Sunday. Senior Provincial Minister of Gilgit-Baltistan Muhammad Jaffar, Minister for Local Government Engineer Muhammad Ismail, Finance Minister Muhammad Ali Akhtar, Law Minister Wazir Shakeel, Sadia Danis, Advisor to Chief Minister and Member National Assembly Wazir Hassan were also present on the occasion. CM Mehdi Shah said that provision of Rs 100 million by the Punjab govt and support at this hour of need was a proof of humanitarian spirit, and the love and brotherhood of the people of Punjab with their brethren of Gilgit-Baltistan. Punjab Minister Ghafoor assured all-out cooperation on behalf of the Chief Minister Punjab to the affectees. He said that the people of GB were very dear to PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif. He also informed that the govt and people of Punjab had also helped Swat affectees and set up a temporary hospital in Mardan. govt blamed for removing signboards Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf candidate from PP-160 for by-polls, Malik Zaheer Abbas Khokhar alleged that the provincial govt has removed his hoardings and signboards from the stated constituency adding that defeat is fate of the PML-N. In a press statement issued on Sunday, he alleged that the administration at the behest of the provincial govt was removing his election hoardings from PP-160 and the govt would be responsible for the results if these actions were not stopped.