By inflicting injuries on Muslims in Pakistan, Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq and Afghanistan and by playing with their religious sentiments through blasphemous caricatures posted on websites, the West is provoking many to indulge in acts of terror. First they provoke Muslims then expect them to take it lying down. Many blasphemous caricatures have been posted on the internet and have also found their way into print media. Instead of feeling ashamed of these heinous acts, they push this material in the garb of advocating freedom of expression. Even though President Obama claims otherwise, a war between Islam and the West has already begun. Unfortunately, Muslims do not have a proper leadership and our reactions are mostly incoherent. Different groups react differently but the actions of the West are so inflammatory that they are now antagonizing even the moderate Muslims. The situation presents a dilemma for moderate Muslims who have to confront the extremists and also counter the Western propaganda. -SAYYID WAJID ALI SHAH, Jeddah, May 30.