Islamabad Jamaat-i-Islami Amir Munawar Hassan has said the international lobby led by Americans was hatching conspiracies against the Muslims as their touts held competitions of blasphemous caricatures of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) on social network. He was addressing a huge public gathering at Aabpara Chowk on Sunday. Mr Hassan said that ambassadors of all concerned countries be summoned at Foreign Office and they should be questioned as to how their country fellows dared to hold competition of blasphemous caricatures on Facebook. Munawar Hussain said that more than two hundreds US Marines were stationed in Islamabad and purpose of their stay should be informed to public by the government. Jammats Amir condemned Lahore attacks on Ahmadis worship places saying that no Muslim could do this. Perhaps Lahore attacks could be a part of American strategy as already they were building pressure for conducting operation in southern Punjab, he pointed. He said that the deadliest Lahore attacks could be a part of conspiracy to pave way for military operation in southern Punjab. The supremo of Jamaat-i-Islami said the war on terror was a war against Muslims, adding that the rulers had failed to achieve their targets and the fire had spread to other parts of the country and even now Americans were demanding operation in southern Punjab. Mr Hassan said his party would intensify its campaign against the US, adding that the movement of Americans should be banned for the sake of peace across the country. He further said that government had failed to devise an effective policy to resolve the public problems including price hike, lawlessness and power cuts. The JI leader asked Rehman Malik not to make statements against Punjabi people without having any proof regarding thier involvement in Lahore attacks. He also appreciated the role of Supreme Court for taking action against notorious NRO. Hundreds of Jammat-i-Islamic activists and Islamabad chapter leaders were present on the occasion. Former MNA Main Aslam and JI local leader Syed Bilal besides others also addressed the gathering. To cope with any untoward incident, special security measures were taken by police and heavy contingents of police led by SHO Abid Hussain were present on the occasion.