ISLAMABAD - Upholding the findings of the Federal Ombudsman regarding refunding of a students fee, President Asif Ali Zardari has directed the administration of the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) to refund the admission fee worth $11,421 to a student, as he had opted to take admission in another educational institution. According to details, a student, Muhammad Pervaz, was offered admission by both Army Medical College and Agha Khan Medical College simultaneously. However, he had opted to go to the latter. The NUST, as the degree awarding institution of the Army Medical College, had turned down the request of Pervaz for the refund on the grounds that it was not permitted under its rules. However, after hearing the case, the Mohtasib issued directed the University that the student should be refunded the full amount of the admission fee deposited by him. It also said that the NUST did not suffer any financial loss, as it admitted another candidate in place of the student. The NUST did not impart any education to the student, therefore, it could not retain funds for a service which was not provided. In the finding, the Mohtasib had observed that the Universitys refund policy is oppressive. Later, the NUST made a representation to the President of Pakistan against the Mohtasibs finding, however, the President rejected the representation and directed it to implement the Mohtasibs finding. G-7 residents demand Utility Store The residents of sector G-7 have demanded the concerned authorities to establish a Utility Store so that the people of the area could purchase edible items on control rates. The residents of the area talking to APP said that in the absence of a Utility store, they have to go for other sectors, stores for purchasing items of daily use. The residents further complained that the concerned authorities should take this issue on priority basis to facilitate the residents of the G-7. They were of the view that in G-6 the authorities have established three utility stores while in G-7 their is no utility store at all which force the people to buy items on higher rate from the open markets putting an additional financial burden on them. The resident of G-7 Asim Khan said that due to this reason he daily visit other places for shopping which not hardship also cause waste of the time. He said that the authorities concerned should realise the problem of the 15,000 people in the sector G-7. and provide one full fledged utility store to benefit the poor people of the area from the government relief.