PML-N Chief Mian Nawaz Sharif has linked peace and stability in the region with good ties with India and termed resumption of composite dialogues between India and Pakistan as need of time in the longer interest of both the countries. PML-N Chief Mian Nawaz Sharif held meeting with Indian High Commissioner in Pakistan Sharat Sabarwal in Raiwind House on Monday and pointed out that despite facing menace of terrorism from forefront Pakistan has been playing a key role for restoration of peace in the region. He also emphasized that Pakistan has been committed to purge the region from the menaces of terrorism and extremism adding that for restoration of peace and stability in the region both India and Pakistan should resume composite dialogue process to address their prevailing controversies on Kashmir issue, Water and SirCreek. PML-N Chief also hoped that the courage and persistence that Pakistani nation has been demonstrating against menace of terrorism, the day is not been far away when Pakistanis will emerge as developed and progressive nation of the world. He also remarked that it has been the responsibility of leadership from both the neighboring countries to address all the long standing controversial issues through dialogues adding that leaderships of both the countries should honor sovereignty and integrity of each other by focusing their attention to address basic issues of the masses from both the sides. During the meeting Indian High Commissioner to Pakistan appreciated the endeavors and thinking of PML-N Chief and hoped that in future PML-N Chief will play his positive role to redress differences between both the countries.