KARACHI - The army of ministers, advisors and special assistants in Sindh cabinet is annually spending Rs422m as pay, perks and privileges in a province which has the second highest poor population in the country. The poverty stricken teeming millions in the province of Sindh have to struggle hard to earn two square meals for their families but in the same province 71 elites individuals who run this province have no limit to their expenditures. These 71 people who are ministers, advisors or special assistants have an annual budget of Rs422 million for expenditures. While the poor hardly have money to travel in over crowed buses, the ministers have fleet of air-conditioned chauffeur driven cars which annually consumed POL worth Rs46 million and further Rs12.8 million is spent on the maintenance of vehicles. All these millions of rupees are collected through taxes taken from the poor to maintain the luxurious lives of ministers and advisors. The poor are made to pay through their nose so that the rich can live a comfortable and richer life. The tax collected from citizens is meant to spend on the welfare of the people but it is being diverted to the comfort of the ruling class. These ministers and advisors and special assistants have nothing to worry about, they wear the designers clothes, used the most expensive perfumes, eat at the best restaurants because they are the celestial beings. On the other side, the poor people of the province have nothing but torn clothes on their bodies. They do not have safe and clean water to drink and they manage just one meal for the family. And this is all happening in the 21st century under a government which had always claimed to provide Roti, Kapra Aur Makan, as envisioned by their great leader Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. The manifesto of the PPP is a far distant dream for the poor which have always felt that a day will come when the PPP will fulfil its promises. But that day may not ever come and the poor will get poorer without roof on their head or a morsel of bread in their stomach. These ministers have the privilege of getting free of charge medical treatment at costly hospital at home and when there is a need to go abroad they are paid thousands of dollars in advance for their travel and treatment in some foreign country. While the poor have to pay even to buy aspirin which he can hardly afford. They stand in long queue to meet a doctor and go to the government hospitals where they do not get even the medicines for cough and fever. Things have reached such a pass that the poor and lower middle class would have to find a way out from the present life of poverty and hunger. They all unite and strive to overthrow the exploitative system.