LAHORE - Pakistan Muttahida Kisan Mahaz and Pakistan Water Movement on Sunday organised a 45-kilometer long rally from Baiddian to Gundda Singh against Indian water aggression as well as violation of Indus Water Treaty of 1960. A press release issued on Sunday stated that more than 1,000 participants of rally chanted anti-India slogans and the leader Muhammad Ayub Mayo demanded that India must stop violation of Indus Water Treaty. Addressing the protesters Pakistan Muttahida Kisan Mahaz chief Ayub Mayo said that India could only use 2.85 maf water for the irrigation purposes. He added that Pakistan Muttahida Kisan Mahaz and Pakistan Water Movement would break the LOC on September, 19, if India did not stop water aggression against Pakistan. He said that India must construct dams on 'run-off rivers while abandoning storage of water under different conditions, adding that foreign companies should invest in India in accordance with the norms set by Pakistan so that intended conspiracy against Islamabad could be avoided. The speakers also said that foreign companies (powers) had provided about 2.75 billion dollars to India for constructing dams on Pakistani water, which shows clear conspiracy. Ayub said that Pakistan Water Movement and Pakistan Muttahida Kisan Mahaz would protest against Indian water aggression from Chokithi border to Monbo border if India continued water theft.