Business tycoon and friend of President Asif Ali Zardari, Riaz Laljee reached at his residence early Monday morning, however, his driver and gunman have not been traced yet till the filling of this report. Riaz Laljee was kidnapped along with his driver and gunman on Sunday morning under mysterious circumstances when he was heading towards his residence in the Clifton area after arriving from Dubai. Meanwhile, Federal Minister for Interior, Rehman Malik while talking to media men here disclosed that the Intelligence Agencies played a important role in the recovery of Riaz Laljee and provided assistance to inquiry team of police. He said that all entry points of the city were cordoned off and the criminals released Riaz Laljee due to strict security of the police. Responding to a question, the minister said that it is premature to say who was involved in the kidnapping of Riaz Laljee as small groups can be involved in such incidents in Karachi. The Interior Minister said that the police has no such ability to recover Riaz Laljee and the Intelligence Agencies including ISI played important role in the recovery of the business tycoon. CCPO Karachi Waseem Ahmed said that neither Riaz Lal Gee was tortured in the captivity by his abductors nor he paid any ransom. He said that a suspicious vehicle dropped Riaz Laljee outside of his house, adding the search of the vehicle is underway. The CCPO informed that important information has been obtained about criminals involved in the kidnapping but refused to share with media, saying driver and gunman of Riaz Laljee still in the captivity of kidnappers and all possible resources are being used for their recovery. Sindh Home Minster, Zulfiqar Mirza said that Riaz Laljee is in shock and after meeting with him, any detail could be provided. According to family sources, Riaz Laljee is safe and sound.