LAHORE - Pakistani computing engineers have come out to give a strong deterrent to the websites carrying blasphemous caricatures in an attempt to undue their propagandas. In this connection, they have launched counter social networks websites including www., www. myfriendsbook. com and Three IT professors from Lahore launched a social networking website for the Muslims across the world as an alternative to facebook which was blocked by the LHC orders in response to a facebook page called Everybody Draw Mohammad Day which was considered blasphemous and sacrilegious. pioneers including Usman Tariq, Ihsan Aziz and Aamir Mushtaq, staunch protestors of the objectionable material on facebook and were ahead in rallies against it. They said that they were happy and feeling proud of being Muslims and in particular they would continue to do whatever is possible for the betterment of the Muslims of the world. We are happy while giving a Muslim platform to interact on without foreign intervention, Usman said. It is worth mentioning according to the LHC orders tomorrow (Tuesday) is the last day of ban on the facebook.