LAHORE - Eminent scholar and patron of Saeed Quran Institute and Lahore Children School Sabzazar, Prof Saeed Ahmad Khan has said that the Ummah showed the anger regarding the blasphemous caricatures enthusiastically. He said that the Ummah should follow the teachings of Quran and Sunnah with the same spirit to undo designs of the opponents of Islam. He was addressing a special ceremony of the Institute to distribute dowry among deserving girls at their marriages at Bund Road. The dowry and gifts were arranged by renowned patron Alharam Foundation, Khalid Shafique Chaudhry and his associates. Prof Sarfraz Hussain Jaafri and Rana Latif Athar also addressed the ceremony. Prof Saeed said that true followers of Islam are the real strength which could frighten the enemies of Islam and their unity would be a strong message to halt deliberate blasphemous attempts and such hostile activities against Muslims. He further said that though Muslims are one-third of the total world population but they are present in all corners of the world and are occupying 75 per cent of the world natural resources and wealth. Their unity would force the enemies of Islam to surrender. He said that in spite of prejudices and biased propaganda against Islam and the Holy Prophet (PBUH), Islam is most rapidly spreading religion of the world. The 'milad meetings are not only held in the month of Rabi-ul-Awwal but throughout the year and in every street, town and country. Artificial limbs provided to 18 disabled Hope Rehabilitation Society will provide free of cost artificial limbs to 18 disabled persons under the aegis of Hope Rehabilitation Societys on-going project Limbs for All, the spokesman of the Society said on Sunday. He said that for this purpose Rotary Club of Lahore Garrison provided a grant. In a ceremony held at Hope Rehabilitation Centre, Johar Town the District Governor of Rotary Club Shehzad Ahmad announced that Rs 354,500 would be spent by the Rotary Club of Lahore Garrison, on this noble project. President of Rotary Club of Lahore Garrison Ms Shaheen Ahmad, Mian Shafiq, SIE Pervez, Dr Nouman Shakeel and others participated in the ceremony. The District Governor Shahzad Ahmad handed over the cheque to Dr Khalid Niaz Niazi, President of Hope Rehabilitation Society. While speaking at the occasion, Dr Khalid Niazi said that there were also two ladies amongst the disabled to receive free artificial limbs while the other persons were between the age of 14 to 60 years. After fitting the artificial limbs all of these disabled would be able to stand on their feet and join the mainstream of the society to play an active role. He also thanked the Rotary Club for this initiative of helping the disable persons.