ISLAMABAD Police officials of the Secretariat Police Station have registered a case against unknown persons who chased Interior Ministers brothers car from the Minister Enclave to Margallah Road. According to the details, Khalid was coming out from the Minister Enclave, suddenly a black colour land cruiser started chasing his cars. The chasers gave up the chasing when he took turn from the Margallah Road. Secretariat Police have registered a case against the unknown criminals. Despite repeated attempts, the contacts could not be made with Interior Minister Rehman Malik. However, the SHO has confirmed the incident and registration of criminal case. It is pertinent to mention here that even the family members of Interior Minister do not seem to be safe despite his tall claims that the government is committed to protect and save the citizens. Interesting and regretful fact is that the police could not identify and arrest the criminals as yet. Police has confirmed that no arrest in this case had been made as yet. This has indeed raised doubts in the minds of citizens regarding peace and security in the capital territory.