The students of Government College University (GCU) Lahore are suffering because of non-provision of some requisite facilities. Despite having vast parking facilities inside the premises of University, the authorities are reluctant to facilitate students primarily because of security concerns. So students have to park their vehicles in the outskirts of the university area which has been turned into improvised parking stand of late. Vehicle theft, as a result, has become a usual occurrence at GCU, Lahore. One of classmates became a recent victim of car theft on May 19, 2010. When we went to the university authorities to register our complaint, we got somewhat astonishing commiseration that students should not bring their own conveyance. The GCU authorities are requested to either own the neighbourhood parking facilities through provision of security guards or allow the students to park their vehicles inside the university premises. -AMIR IKRAM, Lahore, May 29.