LAHORE - The lack sof coordination between the federal government and Punjab government on wheat procurement drive has irked farmers, while on the other hand provincial government claims of successful wheat procurement campaign. The Nation learnt that few days back the Food Department had claimed that it had received the amount of Rs86 billions for the wheat while it needed about 95 billions for procuring over four millions metric tons of wheat. The Secretary Food had claimed that Punjab needed Rs119 billions for procuring wheat to meet the set targets of six millions metric tons. But the farmers said that Punjab government had not the satisfactory amount even for procuring current four million metric tons of wheat. Delays in payments to growers against wheat by the Punjab Food Department and on the other hand the dangerous delay in the start of procurement was just signalling the unavailability of funds to the Punjab government. Muttahida Kisan Mahaz chief Ayoub Mayo claimed on Sunday that Punjab Food Department was befooling the masses by giving the wrong figure about the wheat procurement. He claimed Punjab Food Departments current statement of wheat procurement of about four millions metric tons was a dodge, adding it had not sufficient amount to meet its set target of over five millions metric tons of wheat. He claimed that Punjab Food Department had only procured 2.5 million tons of wheat due to lack of funds because the State Bank refused to provide Punjab further money for the procurement due to which the Dept had stopped the procurement drive. On the other hand, the Secretary Food Irfan Elahi stated that the department was able to procure near four millions metric tons of wheat and over 72b rupees were paid to the growers against the wheat in different parts of Punjab. So far many farmers in Southern Punjab were still waiting for the payments from the Punjab Government against wheat, Ayoub said. Different representatives of farmers claimed that the government was ignoring the stakeholders continuously in the wheat procurement drive and so far the Punjab government had not enhanced its wheat storage capacity due to which it was unable also to meet its promise of purchasing every grain of wheat from the growers. Secretary Food did not respond when contacted repeatedly on his cell phone to know his version about the story. 3 'dacoits' held Johar Town police claimed to arrest three alleged dacoits after an encounter, which left one dacoit injured here on Sunday. Police investigators said that gold ornaments, mobile phones, motorcycle and illegal sophisticated weapons were also recovered from the accused. According to report police team was patrolling in the area and they received a phone call that three dacoits were looting shops and pedestrians. Police chased them and apprehended the dacoits at Showk Chowk and signalled them to stop but instead of stop the accused opened fire on the police party. On it the police also opened firing at the dacoits as a result one Aamir, said to be the ringleader of the dacoits got injured and fell from the motorcycle and his accomplices were also arrested. Police said the injured accused was admitted in the hospital while his accomplices confessed 45 different acts of murder, robbery and snatching.