Lahore was hit again by twin terror, two incidents of terrorist hits on Friday afternoon. The terrorists targeted two places of worship of a minority community in Model Town and Garhi Shahu. The incidents are deplorable and need to be condemned in the strongest possible terms. The loss of a large number of precious lives is most unfortunate. The purpose of this letter is to offer sympathy to victims as well as comment on coverage of the event by the electronic media which, once again, left much to be desired. Like always, every channel was claiming its footage to be exclusive even though all were showing, more or less, the same happenings. Furthermore, the media people simply thronged the area of incident, ostensibly with a view to cover, but unmindful through out that they were hampering the work of law enforcing agencies. That is so unnecessary because the electronic media, in particular the cameramen, can use the lens to cover the happening from some distance without hampering working of the law enforcers. Crowding unnecessarily is the norm with media people, whether they are from print or electronic media. They seem to act like the gathering mass of general people, quite unnecessarily, as crowding provides the culprits with opportunity to flee or get mixed up with the crowd of people. I wonder why our law enforcing agencies do not cordon off the troubled area by putting some visible barriers marking 'the crime scene'. Such a marking is used abroad for keeping even the media people at some reasonable distance. -M. Z. RIFAT, Lahore, May 28