The brutal and totally unjustified killing of Ahmedis who were martyred while praying should be condemned by all sane elements of the society. Islam does not allow killing of minorities nor does it allow harming places of worship. The state has failed to protect them and we are collectively responsible for this shameful, heinous crime. It is time these acts of terrorism, whatever the motivation, whether religious, sectarian, ethnic or simply politics, be condemned roundly and the guilty given severe punishment. Terrorism has been a regular occurrence in Karachi and the killings of Ahmedis in Faisalabad and Lahore, or other such acts of violence against Christians, Hindus etc should not be tolerated. Pakistan belongs to all its citizens, whatever their caste, creed, color, language or sect. This is what Quaid-e-Azam had promised and clearly spelled out in his speech delivered on August 11, 1947. There were many prominent Ahmedis like Sir Zafarullah Khan who supported the movement for Pakistan. It is time we showed zero tolerance to these extremists and not allow political exigencies to come in our way. -MALIK TARIQ, Dubai, May 28.