With more than 50 per cent gap between electricity demand and generation, the load shedding is at full swing, turning the lives of millions of people into hell in persisting sizzling heat.

The days are even worst ahead as the duration of load shedding is expected to increase further with rise in temperature, thanks to the mismanagement of past government and also the continuing line-loses, theft and over billing.

Fans leave revolving, refrigerators stop working, UPSs (uninterrupted power supply) put off charging, children can’t sleep and water is not even available to drink and bath in populated areas of big cities of Punjab and other provinces. Families in cities are forced to spend their day at public parks or open areas under shady trees while they use hand-fans at night. Mosquitoes at night and bees during day time are hitting them badly.

The situation is even worst in rural areas of the country which are virtually without electricity.

A girl Aqsa, who studies at a government girls high school in Canal View Society Lahore in class six told that they drink hot water at school as there was no water coolers in school. She innocently added that what would the use of water coolers in such a heavy load shedding.

“Out of six hours, we spend almost four hours without electricity in school and almost 50 children study in each class,” she told with regret. She was happy that the school would close for summer vacation on Saturday (today). However, Aqsa and her lower middle class and poor class fellows were unaware that how many summers they have to spend in such pathetic situation.

Doctors say the people are becoming psychological patients due to worst load shedding as they have less sleep. The worst situation is, however, for middle class and poor Pakistani as the ruling elites do not know what the load shedding is.

The power managers showing the shortfall moderate, which demonstrates that power outage in the country is not more than average seven hours in a day.

As per NTDCL, the electricity generation is 12800MW against the countrywide demand of 15000MW. Hence the shortfall, according to National Transmission and Dispatch Company Limited is mere 3200MW. 

But, the load shedding duration even in Lahore clearly contradicts the official claim. Sources said the every power distribution company in the country is conducting 12-hour load shedding in urban areas and 14 to 16-hour in rural limits.