A peaceful protest against rising extortion threats was organized by the private school owners at the Metroville SITE on May 21. More than 300 school owners, students and their parents participated. They all stood for hours in the scorching heat to demand their right to education and security of life. All schools of the area were closed to show solidarity with the protesters. For the last two years, four school owners have been killed, as they could not pay the extortion amount.

The situation is deteriorating every day. The Rangers have conducted five search operations since January 2014 in the Metroville SITE area and arrested many criminals. The administration has given fake assurances and have made more promises to overcome these issues as usual. It is a general perception that the uncontrolled situation can be controlled if the SHO of the area is suspended, as he may be in cohorts with the criminals or is very negligent of his duty.


Karachi, May 28.