Punjab Minister for Women Development Hamida Waheeduddin has said that the PML-N is fulfilling all the promises made regarding public welfare and solution to people’s problems. He said that the PML-N government was striving hard to steer the country out of crisis and put it on the road to progress and development.

She was talking to the mediamen here at her office the other day.

She said that since forming the government, several development schemes had been initiated started in the district that comprised construction of Highway from Miana Gondal to King Road, laying sewerage in city and villages, cleaning of salinity drains, water drainage schemes, repairing and road maintenance, construction of new schools and renovation of old schools.

She said that the government had approved new schemes and funds had been allocated for each scheme, including construction of Mini Quaid-e-Azam Stadium with a cost of Rs50,000,000, construction and repair to Mandi Bahauddin-Kharian Road, construction of road from Ghegha House to Arifabad with a cost of Rs4,500,000, construction and repair to Canal Link-Murala Road with a cost of Rs2,500,000 and brick-lining of Makhnawali Minor with the cost of Rs5,400,000.

She said that amount of allocated funds had been released and work on mini Quaid-e-Azam Stadium had already in progress while construction work on other schemes would start soon.