The Wazirabad lawyers have demanded the registration of a case against the Daska assistant commissioner and the TMO for what they said inciting the SHO to kill the Daska-based two lawyers.

They said that the media role in the incident of Daka was not favourable to the lawyers. It was an outcome of a well conceived scheme, they added during a meeting of Bar Association. It was chaired by Ijaz Ahmad Proya and arranged by Sh Bilal.

The bar members stated that lawyers’ blood will not go idle and the struggle for the rule of law will continue. Incident of Daska was a disaster when the law-enforcers took the law in their hands and made fun of it, they added.

“Our struggle will continue till the accused are convicted as per the law,” they said. They added that TMO Daska ignited the dispute and the SHO was tempted to do so.

They further added that police stations had become the dens of crime. They proposed to privatise Punjab police for better working and results.

“The lawyers render their cooperation to the needy and the courts for justice,” they said. “We reject the judicial inquiry into the murders because all was already clear,” they said.