When a pigeon can create a security dilemma between two countries, it is high time that the both take a step back and evaluate how ridiculous the situation is getting. Peace between Pakistan and India seems to become more impossible each day thanks to suspicion, hate and greed on the part of military and political leaders. But as the bigger, powerful and aggressive state, the ball is in India’s court, if any peace has to be cobbled together. No outside help is forthcoming. In October 2014, Pakistan’s Foreign and National Security Adviser, Sartaj Aziz, sent a letter to UN and appealed to resolve the crises. The United Nations rejected Pakistan’s proposal to intervene in the crisis and reiterated that the dispute be resolved through bilateral discussions. Bilateral discussion have been pending for decades.

In a visit to the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) headquarters in the federal capital on Saturday, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif expressed serious concern over recent statements made by the Indian political leadership, and said he wanted to counter “anti-Pakistan” acts. This statement follows Indian Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar said that India would use terrorism to counter terrorism from other countries. Veiled and unveiled threats have been abound since Modi took charge in India. Border skirmishes have been rife since July last year, and incidents of fishermen being detained by India, or mistaken for terrorist keep happening often.

It has been 68 years since partition. India should realize by now, that despite internal crises, Pakistan has the will to survive and thrive. The crisis of internal politics in no way means that the country is weak and unsecured when it comes to an outside attack. Inside, our basic problem since inception has been that we are not clear on who our enemies are, thus terrorism has been a difficult problem to get rid of. But there is no ambiguity on the issue where India is concerned.

As for the spy pigeon being held hostage in India, remember when last year the Indian army took a star in the sky as a possible Chinese spy plane? These comedic incidents are only because long held grudges and jingoism.