The prestigious journal Economist has reported that China has plans to export drinking water to an island of Taiwan, at a cost of 1.3 billion. This is the first case of exporting sweet water, from a Chinese lake to Taiwan by a ‘peace pipe’ in a new mode of water politics. We ought to take a leaf from Chinese project, when India aims to sell power to us.

We had to build dams on Indus, which contains twice the water of Jhelum and Chenab combined, but we have failed to follow the spirit of Indus basin treaty where we had to build a series of dams to direct water to link canals thus connecting the three rivers. We built only Tarbela dam while KBD was made a victim of politics. There is no other dam in the offing. Bhasha dam waits acquiring of land, while two ground breaking ceremonies have been held which is in fact just a lollypop for the people with no firm sources of funding, coupled with India’s lack of NOC, for the dam being located in a disputed area.


Lahore, May 28.