Army Chief is meeting the Prime Minister once every week to brief him about the Army operation against terrorism; it is irony that the civilian government is not implementing the 20 points of National Action Plan, counter terrorism strategy which was formed with consensus of political leadership and military in January 2015. Interior Minister was to coordinate the provincial committee formed to implement the NAP, working under the chief minister of each provinces and to activate and made operational the National Counter Terrorism Authority (NACTA) a state institution to play a key role in tackling the menace of terrorism.

I suggest NACTA should be given to Pakistan Army, because it is not going to be operative as long as remains a bone of contention between Interior Minister and Prime Minister. Our political leaders want to rule the country like kings rather than elected members. They are not interested in building any institutions that can function independently. How long can the people of Pakistan suffer due to this sham democracy ?


Lahore, May 28.