LAHORE - Strongly condemning the brutal killings of citizens in Mastung, the Concerned Citizens Society of Pakistan (CCP) has held the government responsible for the tragic incident for its negligent attitude towards people living in areas vulnerable to militants attacks.

"This is admittedly a vulnerable route where Public transport should have armed escort which could have prevented the armed men intercepting coaches in Kund Umrani area of Khad Kocha in Mastung district", CCP chairperson Nasira Javed Iqbal said in a statement. She noted that this was not the first massacre of its kind, but the law enforcement agencies had shown extreme negligence and complacency in not protecting the lives of citizens living in restive areas of Balochistan.

"This incident reinforces the impression that the Federal and Balochistan governments have failed to deliver on their promise to eliminate militant groups to improve law and order situation. Shias have been brutally killed on earlier occasions after verifying their identities in the same fashion," Nasira observed, adding that each time there are meaningless statements of grief from those who could have made the difference.

She demanded immediate action against militants and formulation and implementation of a solid plan to protect the inhabitants of Balochistan.

She urges the government to depute two armed guards in each passenger bus travelling on the sensitive routes across the province instead of detailing dozens of armed vehicles to escort irrelevant relatives of VIPs.

The CCP chairperson was of the view that government's inaction amounted to deliberate betrayal of Islamic teachings. She further stated that lack of urgent response would seriously jeopardise the integrity of the federation as the public had lost faith in capability or will of the state to protect their lives.