LODHRAN-As the holy month of Ramazan coming nearer, the ghost of price hike has come out in shape of profiteering and hoarding always become active to gain maximum profit during this mega buying month as the prices of essential commodities have started going up.

Besides vegetables and fruits, all prices of basic commodities have witnessed an increase, burdening more the already troubled common man.

The district could not control the prices of essential items despite delegating the powers of Special Price Magistrates said Jamaat-e-Islami District Women Wing Nazim Ruqqaya Tariq and Sidra Tahir and Ayesha Farooq.

Talking to the media, they lamented that instead of providing relief to people in Ramazan, the PML-N-led government had launched a drone attack on the poor masses already facing a plethora of problems.

“If the PML-N government has the intentions to accept IMF dictates, it should not have made tall claims of ending price-hike, reducing poverty and breaking the begging bowl during its election campaign,” they remarked.

They said that the government should give subsidy to the masses in upcoming month of Ramzan but they were fast increasing inflation in every sector, which JI would never support.