ISLAMABAD - Though Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) has recently announced the interim set-up of the party organisation after dissolving all party offices to conduct next intra-party polls, yet the idea of holding such polls does not seem to be materialised in the next couple of months due to a number of reasons.

Background interviews with some senior PTI leaders indicate that the party was not yet fully prepared to hold intra-party polls at the moment and the party organisations were dissolved only as Chairman PTI Imran Khan was facing criticism due to non-implementation of the findings of the PTI’ internal Election Tribunal headed by Justice (Retd) Wajihuddin Ahmed.

The Justice (Retd) Wajih Eelection Tribunal in its final report had declared the last intra-party polls null and void, saying a number of irregularities were committed in these polls. The tribunal recommended to dissolve all party organisations immediately and asked to hold fresh intra-party polls. Some weeks back, Imran Khan had declared that all party organisations were being dissolved but office-bearers of the present set-up of the party would continue their work till next intra-party polls. However, Justice Wajih-led inquiry tribunal rejected the decision and said that party chairman had violated its recommendations.

So, Imran Khan last week acting upon the advice of the tribunal dissolved all party’ organisations and announced the present set-up till intra-party polls.

A PTI insider said that the party was not ready to hold intra-party polls due to a number of factors, including Local Bodies polls and formation of the new constitution of the party under which fresh elections would be held. Dr Abul Hasan, a senior PTI leader has been tasked to review and form new constitution of the party. Another factor, he said that the party had yet to complete its new membership drive before these polls as a number of new faces had recently joined the party and without the completion of the new membership process, the next intra-party polls could not be held. “The election laws to hold intra-party polls are also being reviewed and amended through the formation of new constitution and thus polls could not be held without the completion of revision process of election laws,” he said.

Imran Khan while addressing a press conference last week at his residence said that the decision to dissolve all party organisations was being taken in the light of the recommendations of the intra-party election tribunal. However, he had made it clear that the office-bearers in the interim set-up were being appointed on temporary basis and a new caretaker set-up would be announced after Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) of PTI Tasneem Ahmed Noorani would finalise the election schedule. He had also said that CEC had not provided any timeframe for holding the new intra-party polls despite his requests.

Tasneem Ahmed Noorani while talking to The Nation said that the electoral rolls for the intra-party elections had not been completed yet and their preparation was underway.

“This process will take time,” he said, adding electoral rolls were the pre-requisite for holding of intra-party polls.

The senior leadership of PTI after getting exhausted for its more than four months long sit-in had decided to bring structural changes in the party to plug all loopholes that had come to light during the party’ protest movement. The leadership had decided to review constitution of the party as well as also to hold next intra-party polls in the light of next constitution. In the meanwhile, PTI’ intra-party Election Tribunal headed by Justice (Retd) Wajihuddin Ahmed gave its reports declaring last party polls null and void. Chairman Imran Khan first refused to accept the recommendations of the report but later succumbed to the firm stance of Wajihuddin Ahmed, a senior PTI leader. The last intra-party polls of PTI were held in the end of 2012 and in the start of 2013 and under the previous constitution of the party, the tenure of intra-party polls is four years.