Education is important for any nation, as it is for its people; unfortunately despite decline in education the government is just taking cosmetic steps, instead of bring badly needed reforms. Our education system needs a complete overhaul. According to a recent survey, by a reliable source, there is no increase in Pakistan’s education. I do not understand the apathy the government has towards education. Why are they making no effort in this direction?

Government should take serious steps to come to par with other nations on education or we may see a complete annihilation of Pakistan as a sovereign state. The governments, instead of enjoying increase in salaries and perks for MNA’ and PMA should spend money on education. The four percent announced is another joke. Education should be made compulsory for every child so that curses in our society like child labor, would come to an end and every child would get education as it is their right.


Karachi, May 28.