SIALKOT-Leading Korean social welfare, peace and human rights activists have stressed the need for promotion of inter-faith relations, education and peace for elimination of poverty, unemployment, ignorance, terrorism and militancy.

Addressing a peace conference held here on Monday, they said that there are potential opportunities for Korea-like social, economic and human development in Pakistan. Proper guidance and use of available natural and human resources can help Pakistan grow up like developed nations, they pointed.

The conference was held under the auspices of Pakistan Council for Social Welfare and Human Rights (PCSWHR). Korean social exports including Mr Park Jae Chul (Head of International Cooperation Team OBOS Korea), Mr Kuesang Oh (Project Officer International Cooperation Team Korea) and Mr Yeiong Sam Kim (Communication Team Assistant Manager Korea) spoke on the occasion.

The Korean activists said that Pakistan is rich in natural resources and sagacious utilization of these resources is vital for the development of the country economically vis-à-vis politically. They lauded that Pakistan has rendered great sacrifices for the elimination of terrorism and the entire world value the frontline role of Pakistan against terrorism.

The Korean experts assured technical assistance and guidance for achieving all goals in this regard.

In his addressing, PCSWHR Chairman Ejaz Noori said that the whole Pakistani nation stands united against terrorism and militancy, adding that Pakistani nation would not shy away from shedding last drop of their blood to defend the motherland while battling terrorism shoulder to shoulder with the valour armed forces.

He said tha Operation Zarb-e-Azb is achieved great success and that the operation would continue till the elimination of the last terrorist.