MANDI BAHAUDDIN - AT least 200 goats and sheep were burnt alive when the cattle shed caught fire in area of Pahrianwali Police Station of Phalia.

One Alo Zai from Wazirstan and Sheikh Nawab Khan had set up a joint cattle shed at Dera Mandan. There were 650 cattle heads in the shed. It was night and wind was blowing. Suddenly fire erupted in the shed and rapidly engulfed the whole shed. People in the vicinity reached and did their best to control and extinguish the fire. Rescue 1122 and police were also informed but none of them came to rescue. However on self-help basis, the locals saved about 175 cattle heads while 200 goats and sheep were burnt alive.  However, 160 being in critical condition were slaughtered. 115 received burn wounds, the owners said.  People of the area have expressed their deep sympathies with the owners for suffering the loss. They urged Punjab government to compensate the owners for suffering massive loss, tak