The 2016 report of Institute of Public Policy by Mr Shahid Javed Bukhari shows criminal neglect in the agriculture sector in the last 2 decades since 2000 when no increase in water storage was reported. Output growth averaged only 2 per cent in 2006-2016 with negative growth in 2015-16. Availability of irrigation water levelled off after 2000 while overall rate of agricultural growth decelerated. If this continues, Pakistan cannot hope for any significant increase in irrigation water in the near future.

While the Govt. Seed Farms have failed to introduce improved seed varieties at a pace comparable to that seen in India and Bangladesh, showing unsatisfactory progress. It appears agriculture was ignored due to emphasis on industrial development but agriculture is the engine of growth, since it produces food and raw materials for people and industry.

All this has resulted in declining exports and increasing imports which produced negative results.


Lahore, May 11.