LAHORE - All the civil and sessions judges of the lower courts stopped courts’ proceedings on Tuesday in protest after a group of lawyers manhandled one of their colleagues.

According to the witnesses, Civil Judge Waseem Ahmad was holding the proceedings at his court at LDA Building when a group of lawyers, led by Aqeel advocate, entered into the courtroom and misbehaved with the judge and his staff.

Earlier, the judge had announced a verdict against Aqeel’s client. Sources said that the lawyers also slapped a staff member of the civil judge’s court.A video showing lawyers’ abuse and attack on the judge also went viral on social networking websites.

After the incident, the judge called the meeting of his colleagues and demanded foolproof security for themselves. The hearing of the cases was adjourned to the next date.

Meanwhile, the lawyers also went on strike on the call of the Lahore Bar Association. However, the litigants remained helpless as both judges and the lawyers held strike while their cases simply adjourned. Fareed Ali, a shopkeeper from Darogawala, said that the proceeding on his case was due but it was adjourned after the strike. “I came here to attend the case of my child’s custody but it’s awful to see no judges or lawyers at the courts,” Ali told The Nation.

Nasir Ahmad, a resident of Gulshan Ravi, said the hearing on his case about a plot was fixed after two months but it was adjourned without any progress.