LAHORE -  PPP’s central Punjab President Qamar Zaman Kaira yesterday said that his party did not believe in power politics.

Talking to reporters after chairing a meeting of party’s minority wing here, Kaira said that PPP will directly reach out to the electorate instead of running after the electables.

Asked to comment on Firdous Aashiq Awan’s joining of the PTI, Kaira questioned which status quo Imran wanted to break by taking along the likes of Firdous Aashiq.

“What change does he want to bring with the support of those running away from the other parties?” he added.

He accused the PML-N and the PTI of doing table politics, stating that PPP believed in people’s power to elect their leaders.

To a question, he said that PPP was staging protest rallies against loadshedding across the country without harming public properties.

He lamented that government had failed to ensure availability of electricity at Sahar and Iftar despite its tall claims to the contrary.

Answering another question, the PPP leader said that country’s institutions had never held the PML-N accountable in the past. But now they are doing this for the first time and it is hoped they will take it to the logical end, he stated.