Sahir Lodhi - renowned Pakistani TV host, RJ, somewhat-of-a-singer, actor, and much more - is ranked among the most famous celebrities that the Pakistani media industry has ever produced. He is often compared - either for the sake of fun or for genuine reasons - with some of Bollywood’s top-most actors.

The thing about Lodhi is that he likes to remain in the limelight; either his sheer talent or circumstances make way for him to be there. He took to the media in recent past when he was criticized for his part after he starred in a not-so-successful Lollywood film and openly bashed his critics, but the internet - being the internet - didn’t feel intimidated and made memes out of all his lambasting.From hosting morning shows having ‘black magic’ as their theme, to serving as a relationships counselor over the radio, and much, much more, Sahir Lodhi is a complete package (subjective interpretation intended).

Currently, Lodhi is hosting a Ramzan transmission on an entertainment channel, and he was able to yet again make rounds on social media after he vented his anger on a female participant in one of the show’s segments.The lady was part of a segment in which the participants have to deliver a speech - in declamation style - on a certain topic, and what seems to have turned Lodhi’s face red was her supposed criticism of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah while she lamented upon the hapless condition of the females in the country.

In the recorded video of Lodhi schooling the woman during the show, he can be seen interrupting the lady mid-way through her speech, shouting at her at the top of his voice for uttering certain poetic verses pleading the Founder of the Nation to (return to life and) come see for himself the condition of women in the country, bashing the audience for applauding the lady’s rhetoric, and briefly stating why she was so wrong with whatever she said.

The entire incident was not just confusing for the woman who spoke so eloquently and authoritatively on the topic, but was ultimate embarrassment as she was criticized in the worst possible manner during live broadcast of a show, in the presence of an audience. She was never given a chance to offer a clarification of her words. She was never asked to proceed with her speech once interrupted. She never received the apology she so badly deserved for facing such an appalling, hostile attitude from the show’s host. The way she kept her calm during the incident is praiseworthy but, one can say with complete surety that, she felt utmost humiliated.

You never know what is going on inside a person’s head. Imagine if the lady felt real bad with herself after going through Lodhi’s live lambasting and did some harm to her (physically or mentally), would he ever take responsibility? Did he feel that he had all the right to ‘correct’ the lady, then and there, simply because she was a woman, vulnerable and wrong? Was there simply no other way to inform her that he disagreed with her, other than literally shouting around, scaring people and forcing them to agree with his (and only his) point of view? Is this how the participants of a Ramzan transmission game-show deserve to be treated?

Lodhi’s behavior is the representation of all that is wrong with our society. If we disagree with others, we don’t know how to tell them that we disagree. If we feel like someone stated facts that seem inaccurate, we lack the etiquette to politely correct them. And if the person who needs to be corrected is a woman, we tend to go all guns blazing. The sense of power and authority is all that matters to us, why care about someone’s feelings or sense of respect? We are quick to react, without bothering to ponder over the consequences for our moves.

For Sahir Lodhi and our entire society, to consider introspection is the need of the hour. If a woman stands up to speak in the most impressive manner, she deserves acknowledgment and support, not ridicule. If she is, supposedly, mistaken with her facts, she can be corrected in a polite and humble manner, as should be the case with any member of the society. Ramzan is a month that teaches tolerance and acceptance, and witnessing such an unfortunate incident during the holy month is indeed tragic.