The enrolment of out of school children in our country is a dream come true. Children in the country not only face problems, like poverty, sanitary system but a quality education as well. 

According to reports revealed by the Elementary and Secondary Education Department that more than 1.8 million children are out of school in Khyber Paktunkhwa province with that the out-of-school children in the province were 23per cent of the total population of the children 5-17 years. 

64pc are girls and 36pc boys. Out of the total children, at least 1.152 million (64pc) are reported as ‘never enrolled’ and 0.648 million (36pc) as ‘previously enrolled’ or dropped out. The report also added that , 34pc boys across the province have never gone to school or dropped out because of disinterest, poverty, absence of schools and many religious and social norms. 

Of the total enrolled children, 61.52pc are getting education in the government schools, 31.86pc in private schools and around 3pc children in seminaries. 

Districts like Abbottabad has the highest enrollement rate in the province followed by Haripur district while the least unenrollment has taken place.whilst the next place in the enrollment list is shared by districts of Malakand and Chitral. 

The out of school children should be enrolled in the school since the government of PTI with the tall claim to educate the other province has failed to educate the youths of KPK. This shows how corrupt our politicians are and eating the systems of our society. 


Kolahoo, May 6.