KAMALIA - As per the directions of Toba Deputy Commissioner Mian Mohsin Rashid, a team comprising Kamalia Assistant Commissioner Rao Tasleem Akhtar, District Health Authority CEO Dr Zafar Abbas Khan, Drug Inspector Syed Rizwan Haidar Shah and his special branch team held an operation against quakes in the area.

The health department team arrested Zafar, Munir at Chak 737 G/B, Akram and Abid Sanpal at Dera Sanpal and Zargul Khan at Chak 733 G/B. The drug inspector also sealed a clinic. He issued challans to quakes and moved their cases to Drug Court, Faisalabad. On the occasion, Drug Inspector Syed Rizwan Haider Shah said that operations against quacks would continue.

In Pasrur tehsil, Sialkot, officials of Health Department sealed as many as six clinics of quacks located in and around Pasrur City during an anti-quackery operation. Assistant Commissioner Pasrur Tayyub Tahir and Deputy Director Officer (Health) Pasrur Dr Waleed jointly led the operation.


Ahmed Farooq, a resident of Mohallah Jandiawala, Kamalia, submitted an application to police that Mudassar Iqbal and his accomplices had abducted his sister at gunpoint the other day. City Police Station Kamalia has filed a case against the suspects and started investigation.


Umar Daraz, a resident of Kamalia, submitted an application to police, stating that Naveed and his accomplice sold fake degrees and documents to people, promising them employment. City Police Station Kamalia has filed a case.

In Sialkot, the divers of Rescue 1122 fished out a decomposed dead body from Upper Chenab Canal (UCC) near Alleywali-Sambrial. Rescue 1122 officials told the media that the dead body was identified by CNIC as of M Azhar, (24), a resident of Kotli Loharaan, who had drowned in this canal about a week ago. The dead body was old due to which it was decomposed which was handed over to local police.