UNITED NATIONS    -  Pakistan has urged the aspirants of permanent seats on the UN Security Council - India, Brazil, Germany and Japan - to make “serious efforts” to show flexibility and not be an obstacle in negotiations to reform the 15-member body.“The way forward entails displaying flexibility rather than reviving in another guise any outmoded notion of power and privilege,” Ambassador Maleeha Lodhi said on Wednesday, while participating in this year’s final session of the deadlocked Inter-governmental Negotiations (IGN) aimed at making the Council more effective, representative and transparent.Indeed, the Pakistani envoy said, it was clear that the obstacle to reform of the Security Council were issues of power and privilege and those seeking permanent seats which would in effect perpetuate an undemocratic arrangement.

She said that those  sticking to their goal of seeking power and privilege for themselves stood in the way of progress in the talks. Full-scale negotiations to reform the Security Council began in the General Assembly in February 2009 on five key areas -- the categories of membership, the question of veto, regional  representation, size of an enlarged Security Council, and working methods of the Council and its relationship with the General Assembly.