The honorable PM who enthroned last August as chief executive head of Pakistan, with a lot of commitments and claims by addressing nation through media speech which created many aspirations among masses, that first time our country has gained a leader who indeed drive miserable, underprivileged and poor peoples out of their pathetic conditions and country would soon prosper. Despite big claims of providing relief to everyone, no any achievement has been made since almost lapsed of nine months. The whole nation is waiting for the day in which all the claims to be fulfill. Unfortunately it perceived to be a big dream which hasn’t come to be true.

Moreover, present government puts entire garbage of all the problems on previous regimes and side them self aloof. There is no denying the fact that every reign had done some damage to the country whether its military or civil. Alas, throne government has forgotten his responsibility along with big claims they had made before assuming the charge. The fate of the state received several U-turns instead of progress towards claims which earlier made to inspire peoples to gain votes.

The promise made for recruitment of thousands of unemployed youngsters, providing shelter to homeless, sustainable development, economic prosperity, formidable institutions, eradication of corruption, free education for all up to sixteen years etc. These enumerable promises were made before elections. Unfortunately no one yet come to true.

Instead of blaming past governments present government has to play its obligations as soon as possible in order to make their claims real, and achieve sustainable goals in favor of nation. .


Jamshoro, May 16.